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Overcoming the IT Transformation Challenge

Amit Maheshwari, CEO of Softlink Global

With the logistics sector expected to have a strong role in shaping the future of freight and logistics companies, the need for IT transformation initiatives to be carried out successfully has become paramount.

As new technologies enter the scene, the IT gap is widening and companies who have not yet upgraded to newer systems will suffer. The role of IT is changing from an essential to a crucial function, a veritable business catalyst.

Many freight and logistics are struggling to keep up with business demands using their current IT system. While they are considering or planning to upgrade their software, they face many challenges such as selecting the right software and making full use of the software.

Overcoming IT transformation challenges would be easy if those two challenges are handled in the right manner.

Selecting the right software for your business requires much consideration. Many companies make the mistake of going by the perceived benefits rather than undertaking a thorough appraisal of the software. You should require a demonstration of the software to get a complete understanding of its capabilities. Make a checklist of what you are expecting from the new system and ask the vendor questions on how the new software will help achieve company goals.

Once you have made the decision on the software the next big task is to ensure that it is used to its fullest potential. This can only happen when the vendor follows a well-formulated implementation strategy. Implementation shortcomings are a major reason for software failure. Even the best-in-class software will fail to produce the desired results if the software isn’t used to the fullest. So remember: ask your vendor about the implementation process.

It always helps to do your homework thoroughly before upgrading to a new software. Once you have addressed the challenge of selecting the software and making sure of its full use, then you can certainly expect maximum benefits from it.


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