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Optimize Your Resources Using Technology

Amit Maheshwari
Amit Maheshwari, Softlink Global CEO

Wastage of resources can have a crippling effect on the logistics business as it is a resource-intensive service industry. Ineffective use of resources has often caused many logistics companies to struggle with their daily operations and hit a rough patch.


The logistics business cycle from inquiry and sales to freight shipment, transport and warehouse operations concluding with billing and payment realization involves many stakeholders from operations personnel, managers and management to backend employees. There is a lot that can go awry while carrying out operations.


Technology is the key to optimize resources but considerable efforts are needed to make technology work in favor of the business. Logistics companies tend to address their technology needs either using multiple software for each of the functions or a single software for their entire business. The former is often the cause of wastage of resources as it leads to repetition of work and poor collaboration between employees and management, leading to errors and delays.


On the other hand, a single software can vastly improve productivity and visibility by providing seamless automation of the entire business operations. Logistics or freight companies can manage freight and transport movements—both international and domestic—along with billing, and accounting, sales, customer service, warehouse operations and customer visibility using the single software.


With a single software companies can handle every aspect of their logistics or freight business with seamless automation. No duplication of work is required as the entire business operations, including accounting, is on a single platform. It offers better control, too, over expenses and revenues, greater transparency and better visibility across the organization.


The single software offers a host of benefits to optimize your resources. It ensures better financial controls as all revenue-related information from operations flows to accounting and helps avoid revenue leakages. Real-time information can be accessed with alerts and notifications to avoid delays or errors.  Effective and enhanced reporting tools with graphical dashboards, freedom of mobility through any device with mobile app and real-time tracking can likewise be made available to customers.


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