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MERCURY Freight Int’l Inc (MFII) is optimistic that the entry of a new administration will bring more opportunities for the transport industry.

The economic outlook is brighter now with apparent President-elect Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III seen by the business community as a capable leader who will restore investor confidence, MFII President April Coching said.

Celebrating its 23rd year in the forwarding business, MFII believes Aquino’s pro-business platform centering on fiscal consolidation, infrastructure development and improvement of the business environment will help address the country’s perennial economic woes.

The company said the positive macroeconomic forecast for 2010 – thanks to strong private consumption, a rebound in exports and investments and election-related spending – will also go a long way in attracting new business opportunities.

Beginning this year, MFII will focus on foreign investment projects. For this purpose, the company will establish a US sales office, a plan that was shelved for two years because of the global recession.

Expected to help MFII get ahead of its competitors is a proprietary paperless, real-time e-system developed a year ago. The system is now being used widely by all MFII branches across the country.

In addition, MFII’s membership in the Global Consolidation Alliance, an international network of forwarders, will help benefit the company’s multinational co-loaders. MFII is the only alliance member in Asia that provides real-time supply chain management service with attractive all-in rates.

During the first quarter of the year, MFII posted an 8% increase in its targets and is optimistic the trend will continue for the entire year.

In the years to come, MFII will continue to set challenging yet realistic goals, keeping its motto “A practical approach to change” as a guide.

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