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MCC launches self-service booking platform

ID-100314144Intra-Asia carrier MCC Transport has introduced a new online portal that enables clients to easily book and document cargoes.

My MCC (, the carrier’s new online self-service portal, is “a simpler, faster and better website” that provides customers with a wide array of e-commerce solutions, MCC said in an infographic.

My MCC provides clients with simple, intuitive booking tools with fewer fields and a type-ahead feature. It also provides visibility by allowing clients to manage financial information and view the invoice status, as well as see all shipment details and statuses during the entire pre-shipment process.

Moreover, it has clear and easy steps for filling out shipping instructions, allows clients to manage pay terms on a per-charge basis, and has a pro-active estimated time of arrival notifications via email when there is a change in cargo arrival time.

Bookings and documentation are simplified through the electronic booking (e-booking) and electronic shipping instruction (e-IS) in My MCC.

The e-booking feature, MCC said, has faster confirmation turn-time and allows a quick view of confirmed and unconfirmed bookings. The new “duplicate shipment feature” enables customers to replicate details from past bookings instead of starting one from scratch.

The intuitive booking platform remembers previous entries and provides suggestions as the client types.

The e-SI, on the other hand, lets customers submit shipping instructions any time of any day. A five-step process enables clients to preview their bills of lading online, including all data input and review. The duplicate shipment feature also applies to e-IS.

Clients may use their old login details for faster registration to the new website.

Last year, MCC started implementing its TxtPress in the Philippines. TxtPress is a new service that sends SMS notifications on urgent details such as the arrival of specific bills of lading and containers, detention and demurrage computation, depot schedules for empty container pullout and return, office schedule updates and holiday announcements, and other general advisories.


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