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Marina increases some shipping fees

The Philippine Maritime Industry Authority (Marina) has issued a new circular that adjusts some shipping fees and charges.

Marina Circular (MC) No. 2017-01 revised fees; increased some charges for domestic shipping, franchising, overseas shipping, and maritime safety services; corrected typographical errors; and added several classifications in MC No. 2015-05.

For domestic shipping, the type of application in Item 21 for Issuance of Certificate of Ownership (CO), has now changed to 500.00 GT (gross tonnage) and above, from 5,000.00 GT and above in the 2015 version.

Another revision is made to Item 24 (Re-issuance of CO and/or Certificate of Philippine Registry), which now states “corrections of erroneous entries in the CO and CPR of the applicant” instead of “corrections of erroneous entries in the CO and CPR due to omission of the concerned applicant.”

For changing the name of steel-hulled ships, fees were increased to P1,600 from P800 for ships below 35 GT, and to P3,100 from P1,600 for ships 35 GT and above.

For changing the name of ships that are aluminum/fiberglass-hulled or a combination of both or any other type of hull, the new circular made corrections stating that the P1,600 fee applies to ships below 35 GT, and the P3,100 charge to those 35 GT and above.

Marina also added fines and penalties to the surcharge for late renewal of an expired license, equivalent to 50% of the total fees.

For franchising service, MC No. 2017-01 added 500 GT and above with a fee of P18 per GT or a minimum of P11,232 as another classification for the issuance or extension of franchise for tramps with steel hull.

Marina said the re-issuance of Certificate of Public Convenience (CPC) applies to companies with or without amendment in their CPC as opposed to the previous version which only applies to those without amendment in their CPC.

MC No. 2017-01 also increased fees for the issuance of special permit for steel-hulled ships 500 GT and above to P4,700 from P3,600, and for wood-hulled ships 500 GT and above to P3,600 from P1,600. It likewise raised fees for the extension of special permits for certain tonnages of steel-hulled and wood-hulled ships.

For overseas shipping, MC No. 2017-01 said the P5,300 fee to amend the supernumerary permit due to a change in period or route is per application, as against the previous practice of per supernumerary.

Several rate increases were implemented for the adoption of National Safety Management Code in Domestic Shipping under MC No. 159/2015-01.

Marina said all other provisions of MC No. 2015-05 consistent with the revisions under MC No. 2017-01 will remain in full force and effect. The new MC takes effect 15 days from its publication in a newspaper of general circulation, which was on April 20. – Roumina Pablo

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