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LTO mulls online application of driver’s license

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) is planning to modernize its system to allow Philippine motorists to apply for their driver’s licenses and register their vehicles online.

LTO chief Edgar Galvante said that part of the agency’s strategy is to enhance its information technology (IT) system to improve services, promote transparency, prevent corruption, and allow drivers and car owners to transact in comfort and convenience.

“It is being done abroad, why not here?” Galvante said.

The LTO head explained that the idea has been around for some time now and the agency is now working to turn this into reality.

“We are gearing towards online registration of driver’s license application and car registration. We need a credible IT (system) to be able to enforce that,” Galvante noted.

He added that the driver’s license with five years’ validity will be available by the end of the year.

Transportation Secretary Arthur P. Tugade has expressed his support for the move toward online application of the driver’s license. He said they are studying the possibility of allowing online application for individuals with no records of violation.


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