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Logistics providers among enterprises that can operate during quarantine period

Logistics service providers are now specifically included in the list of enterprises allowed to operate under the Luzon-wide enhanced community quarantine, and whose skeletal workforce may pass through checkpoints.

Department of Trade and Industry memo circular 20-08, dated March 20, said logistics service providers include cargo-handling operators, warehousing, and trucking, freight forwarders, and shipping lines.

Other enterprises allowed to operate during the quarantine period are:

  • Manufacturing and processing plants of basic food products, essential food products, medicines and medical supplies
  • Retail establishments (groceries, supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores, public markets, pharmacies and drug stores)
  • Hospitals and medical clinics
  • Food preparation and water refilling stations
  • Delivery services whether in-house or outsourced transporting only food, water, and other basic necessities
  • Banks and capital markets
  • Power, energy, water and telecommunications supplies and facilities, waste disposal services
  • Export firms and business process outsourcing companies

MC No. 20-08 amends certain sections of MC 20-06.

MC 20-06, which supplements the Memorandum of the Executive Secretary dated March 16 that placed the entire Luzon region under enhanced community quarantine from March 17 to April 13.

Other sections of MC 20-06 have been retained in MC 20-08, such as the unhampered movement of all types of cargoes (food and non-food) within, to, and from Luzon.

If cargoes are subjected to random inspection (with cargo before delivery or empties after delivery), their movement “shall not be delayed, upon presentation of the cargo manifest or delivery receipt indicating the destination, nature, and quantity of the loaded goods/cargoes.”

The skeletal workforce of covered enterprises and establishments must present the following at checkpoints:

• Valid company identification card

• Proof of residence

• Certificate of employment

An official IATF (Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases) ID will also be issued by DTI.

A copy of MC 20-08 should be presented to the Philippine National Police and local government units at control/checkpoints for implementation.


  1. we are a manufacturing company located in Mandaluyong. we are producing bottles for alcohol for Telstar Manufacturing (toll manufacturer of Philusa for Rhea Alcohol) and Kohl Industries (alcohol and sanitizers manufacturer). Can we still operate? and how?

    • You can, as you are engaged in one of the covered enterprises allowed to operate under DTI MC 20-08. Please read memo in its entirety. The requirements to operate are there. Please note only a skeletal workforce is allowed.

  2. Are brokers allowed to release goods for companies not listed in Sec1 of the DTI memo20-08 such as office furniture, various houseware (plastic containers, brooms, houseware…etc).

    • Yes you can; there is no BOC ruling to date that says only goods manufactured by sectors allowed to operate under DTI MC 20-08 will be cleared.

  3. im a rice retailer. ppwede po rin ba akong mabigyan ng IATF ID na pwedeng gamitin para sa pagtransport ng bigas from caloocan to bulacan then pabalik?

  4. We are a chain of gasoline stations. We sometimes transfer stocks from one station to other here in bukidnon but somehow our driver is being stopped in checkpoints eventhough they presented id, certification of employment and community quarantine pass. They are looking for “do not delay” kind of signage with DTI Logo. Is it the actual rule on checkpoints?

    • Your trucks shouldn’t be stopped at checkpoints since, according to the IATF, “ALL CARGOES” must pass unimpeded. This directive applies NATIONWIDE, according to IATF.

      Your sector “Power, energy, water and telecommunications supplies and facilities, waste disposal services” also falls under those allowed to operate under the ECQ.

      But it appears the policy does not always reflect what is happening on the ground. We hear the same complaint over and over again from various cargo transport stakeholders.

      The “Do Not Delay” signage is not part of DTI rules. Maybe you can try to apply for an IATF ID?

      Apply online at

      Email application to

      Warning: It takes a while to secure the ID.

  5. we are a manufacturer of food packaging materials. and we serve the likes of &-!!, Jollibee, KFC and other food manufacturer and food business. Are we allowed to continue our manufacturing operations and transport of those materials?

  6. Are construction materials as roofing, cement and others allowed to be transported from SanPablo and Liliw hardware stores to Nagcarlan residence using service tricycle? Kindly reply thanks

    • That would depend on whether your local government unit allows the use of tricycles during the ECQ. LGUs have different rules. We suggest you inquire with your barangay officials. Thanks.

  7. The cargo are denied entry in the barangay that our plant is located. The cargo is a raw material for making plastic containers some of which are for alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. It is a 40footer container. What will we do

    • This should not happen as there s already an IATF and PNP rule on unhampered movement of cargo.

      You may want to apply for a RapidPass ID. (But kindly note PortCalls is not affiliated with RapidPass.) Apply directly on RapidPass website:


  8. We are real estate company.. we do have employees who stayed to work, our company provides dorm, food and medical supplies such as ppe for those who are part of the skeletal work force..
    Can we also apply for the pass from dti? Because we are buying food for our employees and also we purchase medical supplies..

    • Kindly note DTI is no longer issuing the IATF ID.

      You may want to apply for a RapidPass ID instead. Apply online at

      Please note PortCalls is not affiliated with RapidPass.

  9. I am a business owner running grocery store in Pasong Tamo, Quezon City. Our barangay captain has recently ordered all establishments in our area to cease operation for indefinite amount of time. Many of the businesses that he ordered closure are considered essential services. I would like to know where can we request a permit to operate?

  10. Im from shipping company and i need to go to work how can i get the pass im from antipolo and my work located at manila city thank you


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