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Where Logistics Companies Stand in Global Digitalization

As the global logistics sector makes its way doggedly towards digitalization there are still disparity in levels even within the industry.  The growth of the logistics industry depends on its ability to respond swiftly to the supply chain demands. The current times require freight and logistics companies to use and monetize data from their business to help it sustain and grow.

There has been tremendous advancement in data analytics using technology for generating real-time data. In the years to come data creation and data utilization are estimated to grow rapidly. While a section of the logistics sector is more prepared for digital transformation others still need to pull up their socks. Freight and logistics companies need to work out a practical digital strategy in order to succeed in an era where data will rule.

To gain advantage in the year of data-driven business growth, freight and logistics companies should act swiftly. But the reality is that the logistics sector is still in various states of readiness in the digital race.

With data becoming the end game for businesses in today’s tightly connected world, Enterprise Solution or ERP is fast becoming the primary means to create and harvest data. A huge chunk of world’s stored data is moving to the cloud driven by automation systems and devices that are engaged in capturing and analyzing data.

As companies look to centralize their operations and data they are increasingly seeking connectivity, performance and convenience that the Enterprise Solution on cloud environment provides. Freight and logistics companies continue to look towards a cloud-based ERP for their increasing data processing and storage needs as these enterprise solutions continuously churn out substantial amount of data.

It is encouraging to see freight and logistics companies realizing the advantages data can bring to their business. The task is cut out for them in the emerging era of data driven business ecosystem. But they have no time to lose in the race to digitalization, they can either hitch on to digital bandwagon and reap the benefits or just languish.


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