Why Investment in Technology is a Big Decision for Small Freight Forwarders

Amit Maheshwari
Amit Maheshwari, Softlink Global CEO

Investment in technology can be apprehensive for new or SME forwarders. Some of the reasons small forwarders are reluctant in technology investments can include:

  • The mindset of competing against the biggies
  • Worrying about the investment costs being unrecoverable
  • The learning curve associated with a new software

If you are a new or SME forwarder, all or most of these must be your queries too. In this article, I will try to quash these concerns by showing why investment in freight software is ideal for your company’s growth.

 You can make it big in the competition

When companies get accustomed to a particular method of operations, it remains constant for years together. With such a mindset, it’s tough to make a difference even by implementing technology. If your ambition is to grow – believing it is possible – is the first step.

Technology is an enabler: a platform to maximize your potential. Using your strengths, you can bring efficiency into your operations and go toe to toe with your competition.

Is the cost of investing in technology stopping you?

The freight industry has undergone several changes over the years. If your company wants to stay relevant and move at pace with the competition, your processes must adapt to the changing times. Freight software is the medium that lets you not just adapt to the latest happenings but also enhances your company’s potential. Software implementation mustn’t be looked at as a cost incurred by your company. The investment in a freight ERP brings benefits such as:

  • Real-time data accessibility
  • Reduced manual process and errors
  • Digital documentation leading to faster processing

Software that provides a faster return on investment and a lower total cost of ownership are ideal for a growth-oriented company.

 Reluctance to use a new solution

SMEs and larger forwarders can differ in the speed at which they process shipments and how they treat their customers. The accessibility to cloud-based freight ERP has made it possible for SMEs to provide a similar experience as their larger counterparts.

Companies no longer need to allocate weeks of training time to train staff on using new software. Efficient implementation teams like that of Logi-Sys allow you to book your first shipment within the first week. If your staff is provided with crisp, well-planned, and structured training, they will have an open outlook for freight software.

Technology makes forwarding easier for small forwarders

If seen closely, most beliefs about modern freight software being not useful, turn out to be myths. Software is the additive in the machine of freight forwarding that makes company processes efficient. Consider freight management solutions that provide customer support not just during implementation but round the year too. By choosing to adopt technology, you are just one decision away from standing tall in the competition.