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INS launches e-import clearance at DA

Customs value-added service provider InterCommerce Network Service (INS) is launching today its electronic import clearance system with the Department of Agriculture (DA).

The launch covers three DA attached agencies — the Bureau of Plant Industry, Bureau of Animal Industry and Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources.

Under the system most import processes, including payment of agency fees, will be conducted online, resulting in a significant improvement in business processes at the three agencies through reduced queuing time, less face-to-face transaction and lower cost.

Initially applicable to the Sanitary and Phytosanitary import clearance (SPS IC), the system follows the import permit requirements also implemented by INS within the country’s ecozones.

Once the import application is filed electronically, the DA will automatically process the application and check whether the items are valid or approved. The approved import permit application will then be electronically sent to the importer and can be printed and shown to DA or customs authorities before cargo release.

INS and DA have been pilot testing the SPS IC since January initially involving companies dealing with the Bureau of Customs and the DA, including DOLE Asia, Cargill Philippines, Shinsky Trading, Liwayway Marketing, Hexa Trading and San Miguel Corp. These companies are involved in the consignment of imported fruits, plants, animal meat and other perishables, the system’s initial target.

The testing was conducted at the Manila International Container Port and at the Port of Manila.


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