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Indonesia’s state-owned port operator PT Pelabuhan Indonesia I (Pelindo I) has launched an application for booking ship tickets throughout Indonesia anytime and anywhere so that people no longer need to meet face-to-face or queue up to get inter-island ferry tickets.

“Nyebrang Yuk [Let’s Cross] is an application for booking tickets for the first inter-island ferry in Indonesia owned by Pelindo I,” said Syahputera Sembiring, Pelindo I director of operations and commercial affairs, at the launch of the application in the Tanjungpinang Regional Building, Riau Islands, on July 28.

According to Syahputra, the application can now be used by people who leave Tanjung Pinang (SBP) Terminal in Tanjungpinang for Batam, reported state-run Antara News.

The application will later be usable for other destinations, such as Tanjung Balai Karimun, Galang, Moro, Tanjung Batu, Bukit Island, Tajur Biru, Sei Tenam, Senayang, Pancur, Cempa, Mensana, and Dabo Singkep.

The application is currently being implemented at the SBP passenger terminal in an initial cooperation with shipping company Marina Group. The plan is to have the application used by other port operators and other shipping companies in all regions in Indonesia.

“The purpose of this digitalization is for providing the public with fast, precise and accurate services,” Syahputra said.

He stated that the application is able to provide passengers with accurate and real-time information on every validated cruise using a passenger identity card.

This application can be downloaded through Google Play and will exist on the App Store in mid-August.

Equipped with various cashless payment methods, this easy-to-operate application makes people free to choose their desired ships and destinations, said Syahputera.

In addition to the application, the public can also buy ship tickets directly at the SBP passenger terminal through the Self-Service Kiosk with payment made using the ATM.

“The Nyebrang Yuk and Self Service Kiosk application support Tanjungpinang City’s authorities [in] developing their smart city concept,” Syahputra said.

This application is a pilot project for all passenger ports in Indonesia that is also expected to boost the development of the country’s tourism sector.

“Thanks to this application, people just have to choose, pay, and cross,” said Syahputera.

Photo courtesy of Pelindo I

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