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Improve Productivity and Drive Growth with Strong Modern ERP

Amit Maheshwari, CEO of Softlink Global

The future of the logistics industry is looking quite positive. Logistics companies should not miss out on the opportunities to take advantage of this positive drift. But sustained growth of logistics companies cannot be assumed, considering the many challenges that need to be overcome before getting to the opportunities. To remain successful logistics companies must prepare for their future with right earnest. We briefly discuss few points that logistics companies should take into consideration to drive business growth and stay ahead of the competition.

Logistics companies must scale up the quality of service and differentiate themselves by offering more value-added services in order to hold on to their competitive advantage. For this to happen companies must develop capabilities to provide services and solutions that supplement their traditional offerings.

The demand from the supply chain to provide services are tailored to their individual requirements is growing by the day. Technology plays an important role in enabling logistics companies to fulfill these demands and set a course for future business growth. With an advanced technology solution logistics companies can set very high bar in customer service.

While the logistics companies have accepted that the future lies in the adoption of advanced digital technology the pace of digital transformation is not fast enough. Logistics companies must keep in mind technology is fast becoming a common factor among businesses experiencing accelerated growth. The digital transformation has helped in increase not only in productivity, but also overall business performance.

A major challenge for logistics companies is to achieve transparency along with efficiency and growth. Many companies are turning to modern ERP system in order to overcome this challenge. Modern ERP system can not only increase visibility throughout the organization, but also decrease overhead costs, and remove obstacles to growth.

A strong and modern ERP system will enable seamless cross-organizational collaboration and communication. This, along with the increased data efficiencies and real-time insights, will allow companies to steer across the ever-changing global economic conditions, improve productivity and drive future business growth more easily.


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