How Visibility Gives You Full Control of Your Business

Amit Maheshwari
Amit Maheshwari
Amit Maheshwari
Amit Maheshwari, Softlink Global CEO

For a logistics and freight organization where diverse and complex activities are carried out simultaneously, visibility is indispensable. It makes for better control over the business process and gaining operational efficiency. With enhanced visibility management decision-making process becomes easier; the managers can get better control over everyday operations and the operational and the office staff can work more efficiently.


A software applications that offers enhanced visibility functionality is necessary if logistics and freight organizations wish to control the business process and enhance efficiency. The quality and depth of visibility depends much on the capability and functionality of software application. With a software that is embedded with enhanced visibility functionality the everyday activities of the organization can be monitored and managed minutely at all levels.


A software application that offers enhanced visibility functionality can make much difference in controlling of business process and enhancing efficiency. At the operational level the field staff can update information live giving managers and other concerned employees real-time data to help them execute tasks efficiently. Managers can keep track of information from multiple sources, making it easier to plan further activities and making necessary course corrections when required. Management gets a bird’s-eye view of the workings of entire organization helping in decision making, planning and strategy.


With visibility, departments from sales, operations, back office, accounting to customer service get a clear view of their respective work scenario as information related to their particular activity flows from all directions. This means mistakes can be avoided and any obstacle to smooth work flow can be tackled appropriately. Everyone from sales to customer service knows what is happening to a particular shipment at any given point, increasing response time significantly.


Not only the operational process but even the billing and accounting process undergoes sizeable improvement thereby ensuring cash flow is always positive. It becomes easier for the manager to avert delays in shipments as the software can alert and notify them about potential impediments to on time delivery.


Software application that delivers full visibility positively impacts the workings of the entire logistics and freight operation. Logistics and freight organizations cannot only enhance the efficiency of the organization by gaining full control over the business processes but also improve the profitability to a large extent.