How Real-Time Visibility Translates to Customer’s Trust in Your Logistics Business

Amit Maheshwari, Softlink Global CEO

The “Out for delivery” notification on our phones gives us a feeling of joy. But only a logistician knows the effort it takes to ensure the timely delivery of our cargo.


In logistics, delivering cargo on time is critical due to the contracts and larger supply chain considerations. To provide your stakeholders with estimates and timely notification requires a system that can track real-time cargo visibility.


Knowing the progress of your cargo affects your internal team, vendors you work with, and your customers. Each has its unique importance.


To improve your brand reputation and bring in constant business, customers must be prioritized. It is not enough to please just the existing customer base, but it is also important to treat every customer interaction as a potential to expand your base.


Why Is Real-Time Visibility Important in Logistics?

Since logistics is a multi-legged process, it involves several points of contact. Thus, if not tracked well, transitions and handovers can be points of losing contact about the state and progress of the cargo. Real-time visibility is more than just knowing where the cargo is currently located. Preparedness for the next leg of the shipment’s movement depends on the information supplied.


Documentation: If important documents such as the bill of lading require correction, this information too must be communicated in real time. Customers may or may not be involved in all stages but any lapse will affect the customer eventually.


Avoiding bottlenecks: Real-time visibility of shipments gives ample time in case of any bottlenecks. For instance, if your logistics software system has identified road congestion, your system can alert all transport networks, including drivers, and suggest using alternative routes.


Winning Your Customer’s Confidence

Placing the customer in a high position in your information chain boosts their trust in your company. Through timely and accurate communication, customers will know of your commitment towards them and their business, and they will give you business as long as they trust you.


Build loyalty with your customers by making it easier for them to reach you. From the initial contact of requesting a quotation to the final delivery, customers expect transparent and quick information. Your company needs to align all functions on a common platform so the information is accessible centrally and in real time. Other logisticians have implemented Logi-Sys, a cloud-based logistics solution, for tracking shipments and keeping up-to-date on information.


How Do You Achieve Real-time Visibility?

Constant communication with your internal teams, vendors, and shippers via email and phone calls is one of the ways to stay informed. But is it an efficient method? How do you handle multimodal and international shipping? What about large volumes?


As you expand, you probably will have multiple branches to support operations, transport, warehousing, and customs. Software that places data from all functions and branches in a single database gives you the ultimate accessibility model. The automated flow of information to all departments and customers reduces manual intervention. Intelligent dashboards and reports like shipment trackers are generated from real-time information available in the central database.


Investing in technology that prioritizes customers’ trust repays you by giving multifold returns to your business.