How Is Mobile App Changing the Future of Freight Forwarding?

Amit Maheshwari, Softlink Global CEO

Amid the market upheaval in the past few months, the brand’s ability to communicate effectively with its customers online has become pivotal. Irrespective of the sector, businesses across the globe are quickly waking up to the potential of the mobile app. And the freight forwarding industry has been at the forefront of the adoption of mobility and mobile apps. In this context, it is vital to understand the wide-ranging implications of the mobile app that has already transformed logistics and freight forwarding operations to a great extent.


No wonder the large shipping and logistics brands are using Global Positioning System (GPS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for their business processes. Round-the-clock monitoring services for tracking, orders processing, scheduling, approvals, authorization, reports, and many more are now possible with just a click from anywhere on the go. Here are the reasons why mobile apps are going to be predominant in the freight and logistics businesses in the coming days.


Optimization of Core Operations Comes in Handy

A mobile app possesses all the features from monitoring the fleets to tracking the goods and operating the business. All-in-one software like Logi-Sys offers a mobile app that puts lots of power into the hands of your clients and field employees to deliver accurate outcomes. At the same time it gives you enhanced flexibility and business process optimization.


Track Shipments ‘On the Go’

Thanks to mobile apps, you can get instant notifications on your mobile screen and track the shipment in real-time. Real-time visibility across the supply chain is made easy from time to time with mobile notification messages. There is no longer a need to check emails or call shippers, thus helping to boost productivity.


Automate Paper-Based Processes

With just a few clicks on the app, you can perform various tasks like assign, dispatch, track, modify, monitor, view assigned orders, and manage the shipments. The automation of these paper-based procedures eventually reduces dependency on paper saving time and increasing productivity.


Faster and Accurate Processing Time

The mobile app empowers the field representatives to coordinate and update real-time information with the in-house employees. This enables faster execution of the entire processes throughout the shipments, including approving compliance documents, invoices, bills authentication of digital signature, sending notifications to the customers to name a few.


More Happy Customers

The concept of customers’ satisfaction has gone from merely delivering the products on time to providing a better customer experience across the supply chain. When you equip your customers with a mobile app, your customers are informed about their shipment statuses like arrival, pickup, dispatch, and delivery. Using Logi-Sys’s mobile app, your customers can place their requests and requirements including, registration, booking, real-time tracking, payment gateways, approvals of documents, delivery status of a shipment, and many more.


Above all, mobile apps are easy to use, fast and handy, and they facilitate smooth interaction to avoid small issues like delays and route changes, which can make a big difference in the freight forwarding business.


In the present-day data-driven world, technically educated customers are looking for technology partners that can empower them with instant and real-time information to help them make a data-driven decision on the go. Thus, with the advanced functioning of the mobile app, everything will be upgraded, from handling activities like scheduling meetings and updating the status of tasks assigned, to managing the workflow for seamless coordination and operating fleets.