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HKIA bares $205M relief package to ease impact of coronavirus, protests

Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) is introducing a new round of relief measures to relieve the pressure on businesses in the industry, including airlines, brought about by the coronavirus crisis.

In a statement on February 21, the airport’s operator, Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA), said a total of HKD1.6 billion (US$205.5 million) in relief measures will be provided to assist businesses operating at the airport, which are struggling from the adverse effects of political unrest in the territory and the coronavirus outbreak.

“Since the Novel Coronavirus outbreak, the number of passengers at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) has decreased significantly, causing impact of different extent to businesses operating at the airport,” said AA.

In response, it said it is providing a new round of relief measures, including rental concessions, reduction or waiver of fees, among others, to relieve the pressure on business operations for the industry.

“The new round of relief measures will benefit different airport business partners, such as airport retail and catering outlets, airlines, ground handling agents, ramp handling services companies, and aviation support service companies, etc,” it said.

In September 2019 the AA has introduced rent concessions and other relief measures in view of the impact on businesses brought by social unrest, followed by this new round of measures.

“It is hoped that the two rounds of relief measures would be of help to the industry during this difficult period,” the statement said.

The relief measures which commenced last year and the new round of measures, coupled with rental adjustment and concessions, amount to about HKD1.6 billion, it said.

The South China Morning Post reported that under the expanded relief package, airlines are set to directly benefit from lower fees and rental charges for the first time.

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