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Heighten Efficiency and Visibility Using Technology

Amit Maheshwari, Softlink Global CEO

It is important to acknowledge that innovations in technology is setting new standards in the logistics industry. However much opportunity is lost if logistics companies do not make technology work for them. When used well technology can heighten your business efficiency and visibility immensely.


Efficiency and visibility are key to driving your business and, in order for that to happen, you need to have control over the data. The quality of data and the ability to leverage it for business intelligence is important. Logistics companies need to keep a tight leash on their data generation and parsing so as not to lose out on the benefits it has to offer.


Now in order to have a sense of consistency and to maintain the quality of data it is essential for the entire organization to work on the same platform. All the employees and stakeholders working on the same platform allow for uniformity of data and maintaining of its quality. It also eliminates duplication of data which in essence translates into single entry multiple output. Companies can effectively reduce the turnaround time by 20 per cent by reducing the data input time and eliminate duplication of work by around 40 per cent.


Once the data input part is set to order and its quality is ensured using a single software, it becomes easier to parse the data for analysis and gathering insights. Modern software allows for data to be available to all stakeholders in real-time. Real time data allows for better control of the processes and heighten the efficiency of the business operations. The management can make informed decisions and take course correction measures to ensure there are no obstacles to the delivery of quality service. This goes a long way in ensuring customer satisfaction.


Modern single software gives that seamless experience which is extremely essential for logistics companies today bringing the entire organization under a single platform. With practical and effective use, logistics companies can make technology work for them and can leverage it to heighten the efficiency and visibility of their business.


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