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Hanjin Shipping receives Ocean Carrier Excellence Award

HANJIN SHIPPING recently received the Ocean Carrier Excellence Award from Global Shippers Association (GSA)

A shipper's association headquarted in Atlanta, Georgia, GSA is composed of over 20 internationally recognized companies, including General Electric and its affiliates, Thomson Multimedia, and PPG Industries.

GSA presents the award annually to logistics-related companies judged to have provided excellent and trustworthy service. GSA for the first time this year named an ocean carrier as a recipient of the award

On October 7, GSA president Ron Painter presented the award to President Won-Pyo Choi of Hanjin Shipping at Hanjin's world headquarters located in Seoul, Korea.

At the awards ceremony, GSA expressed its appreciation to Hanjin Shipping for providing ten years of excellent service.

In a statement, Hanjin Shipping said it is honored to receive the award. &;It is a recognition of our dedication to providing the most competitive and reliable services to our customers worldwide,&; it said.


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