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Gain End-to-End Control Over Your Logistics Business

Amit Maheshwari
Amit Maheshwari, CEO of Solftlink Global

Process optimization and transparency are high on any company priority agenda, putting renewed pressure on logistics companies to make important technology decisions. Such agenda is a significant driver for growth, and in order to achieve it there is an urgent need for end-to-end control over the business which, in turn, will translate to beefed up service capabilities in a demanding market.


While technology as a means to achieve process optimization and transparency has yet to be fully realized by many logistics and freight companies, some are already adopting a more focused approach, drawing on best practices adopted by industry pioneers. There are signs of significant growth in spend on solutions for gaining end-to-end control of the business.


Gaining end-to-end control over the business requires uniform processes and practices across the organization achieved through a single end-to-end software. This software covers not only operations like freight, transport and warehouse but also finance and accounting; it enhances your business by streamlining automation and optimizing operations enterprise-wide.


In a single end-to-end solution, everyone works within the same framework and there is greater transparency of processes. Each person becomes aware of the work assigned to him and its impact on the business which translates to greater accountability and lesser vulnerability to mistakes. Top and mid-level management gets full control over operational processes and attains financial control.


A consideration of the above points could be highly rewarding when logistics and freight companies roll out their technology plans. It is up to the logistics companies to make up their mind and make a choice wise.

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