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Fostering a Data-Driven Business Model

Amit Maheshwari, Softlink Global CEO

Leveraging the full potential of data is vital to the process empowering your 3PL and freight business. Companies with access to data can exploit it for the greater advantage of their business. It is a vital step towards the establishment of a data-driven business, in which real time information is used to plan and execute every business decision.


Gone are the days when businesses were solely run only on instinct or gut feelings. In today’s digital world, data is the chief driver of business growth and data-driven decision making has displaced the traditional methods.


Management can play a vital role in fostering this data culture at all levels of the enterprise by an inclusive program that embraces all employees. Employees’ participation is critical for ensuring data quality and integrity. 3PL and freight companies need to establish a stringent data control process that will safeguard the authenticity and trustworthiness of the data.


Prior to the digital era, processes were people-centric rather than data-centric. Dependency on employees was deep-set which often led to gaps and oversights in work. Data was only available in silos which meant management and employees were deprived of crucial links in processes and there was a general lack of transparency across the enterprise.


Improving the efficiency of the business starts with a single software for all your business. Adopting a single software for all your business is an ideal way to foster a data culture and cultivate a data-driven business model. Data from every aspect of the business becomes available on one single platform mitigating the need to depend purely on the ability and capability of individual people or employees. The single platform offers complete insight and transparency across the enterprise and stakeholders leading to greater efficiency, not to mention considerable time savings since data rekeying is minimized and errors and delays put to an end.


Data is the new fuel in the digitally driven business environment we live in today. Insights that the data-driven business model brings can help 3PL and freight companies become more efficient and profitable.


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