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Five Key Benefits of Digital Logistics

Amit Maheshwari, Softlink Global CEO

The digital makeover for 3PL and freight companies is no longer a distant goal, but a vital ingredient in the industry’s success today. But going digital doesn’t simply mean a 3PL and freight companies just jump onto the digital bandwagon without forethought. With the increase in need for speed and mobility the role of digital technology has become all the more vital for the logistics business. A modern single software to manage your business is highly recommended towards this end.


With that in mind, here are five benefits 3PL and freight companies can derive from an enterprise-wide single digital platform:


Strong Foundation. A modern single enterprise wide software offers a strong foundation for a digital logistics. It offers comprehensive solution enhanced work processes with deep data insights and better control over the entire organization.


Collaboration and Transparency. In order to deliver a great and satisfactory digital experience to customers, 3PL and freight companies must identify, select and implement an enterprise-wide digital platform in the form of a single software. This will introduce an environment of collaboration and transparency as every stakeholder in the organization will be working on the same platform.


Reliable and Accurate Information. A single software ensures seamless flow of information. This is often not possible in cases where multiple softwares are integrated. In spite of the best efforts and intentions of vendors, the chance of a gap in communication between softwares is high. A single software also means lesser risks of data loss and errors and improved access to quality data. This helps in better planning and decision making.


Efficiency. A modern single software can offer better mobility with anywhere any time access for management and employees with real-time data and enhanced insights. With access to reliable and accurate data and comprehensive management capabilities that a modern single software offers any organization can achieve greater efficiency in its work process leading to enhanced client servicing capabilities.


Leaner Meaner Organization. With a single software companies can afford to cut down on manpower resources leading to a leaner and meaner organization. There can be a considerable increase in productivity of the organization due to work process efficiencies that require lesser personnel to manage the work.


Digitalization is the backbone of 3PL and freight companies in today’s competitive environment. With a modern single software companies can benefit greatly in terms of efficiency and profitability.


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