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EXPRESS operator United Parcel Service (UPS) is urging Philippine shippers to integrate into their operations electronic data to take advantage of improved efficiency and reduced cost.

"The use of electronic data… enables shippers to sell their products even if these are still in transit," UPS Philippines general manager Oscar Mangabat said at a recent intermodal summit, noting it also allows for tracking and tracing of cargoes leading to proper delivery forecasting.

In addition, Mangabat said the use of electronic data can only make implementation of intermodalism more effective. The policy can benefit from the integrated and synchronized delivery of information across all modes of transport, he explained.

According to estimates, the use of electronic processes may generate annual industry savings of up to $4.9 billion aside from its environmental benefits such as elimination of 7,800 tons of paper documents worldwide.

The Philippine Bureau of Customs is on its own implementing a series of programs with the end goal of automating all shipping processes in and out of the country.

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