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DTI mulls mandatory display of FTEB recognition plate

  • The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is proposing the mandatory display of the Fair Trade Enforcement Bureau (FTEB) plate of recognition by certain business establishments, including freight forwarders
  • The DTI plate of recognition aims to notify the public that such establishment is a holder of an FTEB recognition certificate
  • The proposal aims to promote transparency and protect the interest of consumers availing of the services of the covered business enterprises

Business establishments, including service and repair firms and freight forwarders, holding certificates of recognition from the Department of Trade and Industry’s (DTI) Fair Trade Enforcement Bureau (FTEB) may soon have to display such certificate.

A draft department administrative order (DAO) is proposing the move to “protect the interest of consumers availing of the services of the covered business enterprises, and to promote transparency and public awareness on business establishments’ compliance with DTI’s recognition requirements.”

The proposal will cover freight forwarding services, as well as business enterprises engaged in the service and repair of motor vehicles, heavy equipment, engine and engineering works; electronics, electrical, air-conditioning and refrigeration; office machines and data processing equipment; medical and dental equipment; other consumer mechanical and industrial equipment, appliances or devices; and all other consumer products under the DTI’s jurisdiction defined and within the coverage of the Consumer Act of the Philippines.

The DTI is empowered to issue certificates of registration/accreditation, licenses/permits and other certifications pursuant to trade and industry laws.

The Consumer Act of the Philippines and its implementing rules and regulations particularly require all repair and service firms to display their license to operate or certificates of registration in its place of business and its branches.

A public consultation on the draft DAO was conducted last February 4.

Under the proposed DAO, the DTI plate of recognition, issued upon approval of application and payment of fees, will bear the logo of DTI with corresponding quick response (QR) code reflecting the recognition number of the business enterprise to serve as notice to the public that such establishment is a holder of an FTEB recognition certificate.

The plate of recognition will be issued one time only during the validity period of the certificate of recognition.

The holder of the plate of recognition should comply with the proposed terms and conditions:

  • To display the plate only at the address covered by the certificate of recognition
  • Not transfer the plate to any person/entity
  • Not use the plate for any purpose other than for which it is intended
  • Not to use the plate pending the renewal of its certificate of recognition
  • Not to use the plate if the business has ceased to exist or has been suspended/cancelled by any concerned government agency
  • Not to use a fake, expired, tampered or altered plate

The plate of recognition must be displayed in front of the business establishment, preferably beside the business name or company name logo/signage, or in a place that is visibly and easily noticed by the public.

The DTI will, at any time within the validity of the certificate of recognition, conduct monitoring activities to ensure compliance with the requirements of the proposed DAO.

If a business establishment is found to be non-compliant, DTI can take appropriate action/s against the said establishment in accordance with existing and applicable rules and regulations. DTI can also recall the plate in case of breach of the terms and conditions for its issuance.

FTEB oversees the implementation of trade and consumer protection laws and handles the accreditation of sea freight forwarders.

As of January 31, there are 795 accredited non-vessel operating common carriers, international freight forwarders, and domestic freight forwarders with FTEB. – Roumina Pablo


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