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DSV launches e-commerce solutions

Building upon e-commerce services it already provides, DSV is launching e-Commerce Solutions, a comprehensive set of e-commerce services for shippers that serve end customers directly. The new service combines a standardized warehousing process, off-the-shelf automation concepts, IT integration and implementation into a streamlined service.

“The beauty of DSV e-Commerce Solutions is that it offers a seamless suite of services for e-commerce, giving customers visibility and control over their operations, stock levels and last-mile delivery to their end customers. The service includes a templated process, off-the-shelf automation modules, operational optimization algorithms that bolt onto the central Warehouse Management System (WMS) and a pre-configured Distribution Management Platform for last-mile delivery,” said Hugo van Daal, Director e-Commerce of DSV’s Solutions division in a press statement.

“Over recent years, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of orders shipped directly to end customers. More and more shippers are asking for integrated solutions and DSV, as one of the world’s largest transport and logistics providers, is ideally equipped to offer these,” explained Van Daal.

“DSV’s activities in setting up sizable e-commerce operations for major consumer brands have gathered pace over the past few years, and we now run multiple mega-sized e-commerce facilities around the logistics hotspots in Europe, North America and Asia,” Van Daal said. “Our new e-Commerce Solutions extend these capabilities from mostly dedicated warehouse operations into a true multi-user environment. This gives our customers much more flexibility and significantly reduces implementation times.”

Ronald Poort, Chief Commercial Officer of DSV’s Solutions division, added: “We manage multi-channel operations for the majority of DSV’s long-standing e-commerce customers. It is the combination of retail flows – with the direct-to-consumer flows and notably the fluctuations and shifts or migrations from one channel to the other – that creates complexity. We have now combined our system capabilities with our specialist expertise to tackle these challenges.”

“We expect double-digit growth in single-line and small orders to continue for a number of years, and thanks to DSV e-Commerce Solutions we are now in an excellent position to scale our service offering across the worldwide DSV network,” concluded Poort.

Text and photo from DSV


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