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Driving Improved Customer Service Standards

Amit Maheshwari, CEO of Softlink Global

Agility, capability and flexibility are increasingly becoming a crucial differentiator for supply chain when selecting a logistics service provider. Shippers are becoming more and more particular about the safe and speedy movement of their goods as expectations in terms of delivery times increase.


Logistics service providers are now under more pressure to ensure their customer demands are met. They must ensure that they have an effective information technology strategy in place to keep up with these increasingly challenging peaks in customer demands.


Information technology solutions combined with mobile devices and apps when used in the logistics business hold the key to improved service capabilities for logistics service providers, helping them keep up with peak demand. They achieve this by adopting a single software for all their business needs that delivers the essential improved capability, efficiency and visibility for effective logistics management crucial for reacting quickly to changing conditions.


With an effective automation strategy and mobility across all devices, efficiency, accuracy and timeliness can be improved across the organization. Logistics service providers can also get insights into their organization effectively limiting the risk of errors and potential delays.


Rapidly growing customer expectations would require constant fine tuning of operational processes to ensure shipments are delivered without delay. With the use of automation using single software, logistics service providers get real-time data that provides a comprehensive overview of delays and enables accurate delivery time. Having access to these real-time updates and accurate information also enables transparency across the organization.


If logistics service providers fail to take the automation route using single software to improve the agility, capability and flexibility of their business they run the risk of limiting their ability to swiftly respond to issues. This could have a direct impact on revenue. By implementing an effective single software, logistics service providers can improve customer service standards manifold making their customers happier.


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