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Drive Warehouse Efficiency the Smart Way

Amit Maheshwari, CEO of Softlink Global

As a freight forwarder or a logistics service provider you may be grappling with managing your warehousing operations effectively. This may be due to little emphasis on the choice of technology to manage warehousing operations. Moreover chances are high that the system you use is an independent WMS or a legacy application.


To enhance the operational efficiency and effectiveness of your warehouse, you need integrated software that address your warehouse operations along with freight and transport. It has been observed that companies that adapt one software to manage and control all operations gain a critical competitive advantage in the market.


While an independent WMS may give you excellent support for your warehouse operations, you could be at a great disadvantage from an overall business viewpoint. This is because warehouse operation is part and parcel of your overall business offering and not a separate unrelated activity.  This perspective is very important when you chose technology for your business.


Using one software that covers all your operations including freight, transport and warehouse makes great business sense.


The WMS part of the software can be as potent as a standalone software, which does not give you the advantage that a single software can deliver.


The WMS module seamlessly links with your other operations, optimizing not just warehousing business processes but your entire organization. This is a huge benefit as data flows freely between your freight, transport and warehouse functions, thereby reducing errors and increasing efficiency. It also gives you an overall view of your business across functions or departments.


In essence, you get all the benefits of a standalone or independent software plus the advantages that the single software can deliver.


The choice is yours. You can either choose to continue using an independent WMS system and lose out on the host of advantages that a single integrated software can offer or drive your warehouse efficiency the smart way using one software for your entire business.


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