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DHL big data analyticsGlobal logistics giant DHL is starting to utilize big data to pinpoint in advance possible supply chain disruptions.

The company has launched “Resilience360,” an instrument for supply chain risk management enabled by big data analytics, using initial findings from its recently released trend report “Big Data in Logistics.”

“Resilience360” can provide customers with an overview of potential disruptions of their individual supply chains, said DHL.

It added that further applications will be coming out of the trend report, such as the “DHL Parcel Volume Prediction”—designed to improve operational efficiency—and “DHL Geovista”—which probes the possibility of exploring new business models.

The DHL Parcel Volume Prediction model can correlate data on weather conditions, illness outbreaks, and the online shopping behavior of individuals.

DHL Geovista can provide detailed analysis and evaluation of complex geo data so logistics providers can forecast the sales figures of SMEs.

“Resilience360 is a perfect example of the economic benefits of Big Data analytics in logistics. Aggregating and evaluating data safeguards and improves the efficiency of supply chains. Thus, business operation is maintained and customer satisfaction optimized sustainably,” explained Markus Kückelhaus, head of trend research at DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation.

Resilience360 is comprised of two components: a risk assessment study and instruments for supply chain monitoring, which operate almost in real time. The solution aims to make supply chains more resilient and less failure-prone to prevent production standstills and revenue losses, said Kückelhaus.

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