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DHL Express prices to rise 4.9% on average from Jan 1

The prices of DHL Express will go up starting January 1, 2021, the global international express provider has announced. The average increase in the Philippines will be 4.9% compared to 2020.

DHL Express Philippines country manager Nurhayati Abdullah in a statement said the annual price adjustment will enable the company to further develop its infrastructure and apply state-of-the-art technologies and individual delivery processes to ensure best-in-class customer solutions.

Abdullah noted how demand for logistics services has increased due to rising volumes in the e-commerce market. In response, he said, “we have invested heavily in the renewal of our aircraft fleet as well as our global hub and gateway network. These and future advances will help us, our customers and partners, make a significant contribution to improving our ecological footprint.”

DHL Express adjusts its prices each year, taking into consideration inflation and currency dynamics, such as administrative costs related to regulatory and security measures. These measures are regularly updated by national and international authorities in the more than 220 countries and territories served by DHL Express.

Depending on local conditions, price adjustments will vary from country to country, and will apply to all customers where contracts allow.


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