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THE global logistics industry is seeing service standards being redefined while new benchmarks are being set by companies using technology. Technology has become crucial for the competitiveness of any company in the industry. The ever changing dynamics of global supply chain can only be met by cutting-edge technology that will automate and streamline your business processes and enhance customer experience.


It is quite clear that in such a scenario, logistics companies can lose their competitive edge without the right technology. There is no doubt that every logistics company makes use of technology for their everyday work. But what we are talking about here is the complete automation of your logistics processes end-to-end. This is something not many companies have implemented.


Today we see many logistics companies using multiple software for their various operations like freight management, transport, warehouse etc. It is quite possible these software are best in their class, but taking into consideration the nature of the logistics business, the use of such usually proves disadvantageous, defeating the very purpose of automation.


Using multiple software has its limitation. If we have separate software for freight, transport, warehouse and financial management we will be severely limiting the flow of data between the various operations. This often results in poor coordination and increases the chance of mistakes many times over. You also lose out on workflow transparency and that, in turn, affects your service capabilities.


A best-in-class single platform solution or ERP, designed specifically for the industry, is ideal for delivering superior service to customers matching global standards. End-to-end automation under a single platform means every stakeholder in your organization is working under the same system leading greater collaboration, transparency and efficiency.


You get an unbroken and effective flow of information across the various activities undertaken by the company with an end-to-end ERP. Employees engaged in different activities have ready access to information relevant to them for carrying out their work. This means that every employee knows what is happening at any given moment and is alerted to delays and obstacles, just in time to take preventive measures or make course corrections. The management gets a comprehensive view of the organization which enables quick and informed decision making.


The most important aspect in your business–meeting high customer expectations can be easily achieved if you can elevate your service standard to truly high levels. And in order to do that, you have to take into account the factors discussed above and implement a best-in-class single platform solution or ERP to manage your business operations.

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