Cutting Costs Won’t Help Power Your Business or Improve Customer Satisfaction

Amit Maheshwari, Softlink Global CEO

The fundamental aim of businesses is to help solve their customers’ challenges and keep increasing sales. In a dynamic environment, retaining high customer satisfaction and growing revenue can get tricky. Customers in the freight industry are in a commanding position to get their demands fulfilled due to commoditization. This is because every freight forwarding company is offering a relatively indistinguishable set of services.


Due to commoditization, it is only natural for companies to offer lower freight rates. Companies must realize that just reducing prices doesn’t bring in revenue. To power up revenue generation, all sources of expense and opportunities must be analyzed.


Using data points and freight forwarding solutions, companies can differentiate their offering to stand apart from the competition. To build a resilient business, you must target optimizing processes and improving your existing customer experience.


Optimizing Processes: Forwarders that don’t have control and visibility of the costs make only smaller profits with each shipment. The problem often emerges from disconnected team communication and detached processes. Using spreadsheets and desktop software make it difficult to monitor costs and manage expenses.


Improving Customer Experience: Providing hassle-free shipment bookings and tracking the status of booked shipments instill confidence in your customers. If data is not collected and organized periodically, it fails to give the customer the latest update. Forwarders that offer customers instant shipment updates are preferred over those that share information on following up.


How to Offer a Better Customer Experience

More than receiving timely updates, customers want to understand the additional value being offered. A smooth end-to-end experience guarantees a customer will return with repeat business. The pathway for an elevated customer experience lies in optimized and efficient processes. They result in:


  • Less frequent inputs needed from customers
  • Reduced processing time for shipments


When your customers receive timely updates, they are assured the shipment processing is in order. Fewer queries originating from the customer mean a job well done. Freight software solution enables you to digitize all processes, leading to the visibility of the progress. Digitization allows for information to be accessible in realtime, thus promoting clear communication.


Benefits of Implementing Software for Freight


Keeps Costs Under Control: Expenses spiraling out of control reduce your margins amid stiff competition. Freight management software keeps track of and controls all costs. Insurance and administrative charges, customs duties, container- and carrier-related charges can get overwhelming to keep track of. Freight software consolidates all charges under their respective transport heads.


Simplifies Documentation: Moving goods across international borders is an intricate process. Documents involved include a packing list, commercial invoice, bill of lading or airway bill, etc. Freight software organizes all key shipping documents in a single location. Freight solutions even facilitate quick customer approvals on documents.


Drives Efficiency through Automation: A lot of manual work leads to fatigue and errors. Repetitive work done by freight forwarders can be brought down by 45 percent using the software.


Reduces Job Turnaround Time: Streamlining functions leaves no gaps in communication, leading to faster processing of shipments. The time gained in faster processing allows companies to add volumes to the job.


Empower Your Business with Freight Software

Reducing costs only works for the short term. Additionally, the dynamic environment of freight forwarding doesn’t allow the strategy to materialize. With integrated freight software you can increase your operational efficiency and enhance profitability. Implement freight software to empower your business to the next level.