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Customs e-library of issuances unveiled to the public

Customs stakeholders now have an alternative place to browse and download old and new issuances of the Philippine Bureau of Customs (BOC).

The Customs Administration Virtual Library, or Aduana e-library (, is an online portal where users can search and download customs issuances, explained BOC-Port of Manila district collector Atty. Erastus Sandino Austria during the recent Port of Manila: Customs and Port Updates forum organized by PortCalls and Asia Customs & Trade.

The portal was conceptualized by Austria and his chief of staff, Nestor Alterajos, when they were still with the Port of Davao. It was initially a tool for Austria to easily use and refer to customs orders and issuances in his legal research and in drafting his own orders.

Austria said he is now sharing the portal with customs stakeholders and even other BOC personnel so they can also easily check on customs issuances.

Search feature

Aduana e-library includes memoranda, customs memorandum orders, customs memorandum circulars, customs administrative orders, customs reference value orders, joint memorandum orders, customs training circulars, and customs special orders released from 2000 to the present.

Aduana e-library has a search feature for users to locate specific issuances by typing in the keywords, topics, or issuance numbers.

Austria said they are proposing that Aduana e-library be absorbed by the BOC’s official website to allow easier searching and downloading of issuances by BOC site visitors.

He said the Aduana e-library portal can also be a tool for port users to “elevate the debate” and use technicalities when presenting arguments and concerns to BOC. – Roumina Pablo



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