COVID Vaccination Drive to Demand More from Logistics Industry in 2021

Amit Maheshwari, Softlink Global CEO

As countries begin their COVID-19 inoculation drives, the safe supply of vaccines calls for greater focus on the logistics companies. The logistics industry during the pandemic served as a backbone for essential product delivery. In 2021 and beyond, it is expected to continue being the support system.


Even countries like the UK that started their vaccination drive in 2020 will probably take up the entire 2021 to inoculate all their citizens. This sets the stage for the logistics industry once again to be at the forefront of demand.


Cold Chain Logistics


As the vaccine is required to be stored in a refrigerator or at low temperature, cold chain logistics certainly will have a major role to play. During the pandemic, remote working led to a scramble among ill-equipped logistics companies for the means to handle it. Soon, most companies realized that upgrading their capabilities would help prepare them to manage their business efficiently.


The shift of logistics management from offline to the cloud allowed the logistics industry to set the pace for its growth. Being called into action yet again, the supply chain is expected to be better qualified to manage the demand surge.


COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers depend on transportation guaranteeing optimal temperature-controlled environments for delivery. 


Quotations requiring information on containers, warehouses, transshipping, customs, and other compliances can be done smoothly by a cloud-based ERP solution. As a logistics company, one would like to have close control and visibility of all processes. As essential medical supplies continue to be in demand, so will the vaccine deliveries. Considering this additional demand, one must equip one’s business by embracing technology to meet this and future needs.


Progressive improvement in delivery


By the time the world reaches a completely unlocked state, the awareness and importance of technology will have reached great heights. The expectations from the end-users will have scaled up, too. Customers not just want expedited shipping time, they now want to real-time updates on delivery. 


When moving vaccines through countries, a lot of new compliances are issued to ensure safe and reliable passage. The cloud-based application you choose should be able to adhere to and comply with the latest regulations. This will help avoid unnecessary delays and potentially save lives in need of vaccines.


Since there is always a learning curve associated with a new software solution, choosing one that is compatible with your existing systems would be advisable.


For example, Logi-Sys’ Custom Broking module can sync with your local customs application with ease. It manages all the complex and dynamic regulatory requirements digitally and automates the documentation processes, tax calculation, duty calculation, and data management from a single window to comply with every requirement. In countries with a large population like India, the vaccination drives are to begin soon. The requirements for such a massive scale of operations can be managed easily with an enterprise-level Plug-n-Play solution.


The start of the new decade has thrown a massive challenge to the logistics industry. An optimal logistics management solution can safely deliver the promise of a safer world.