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Cost-Effective Fleet Management

Amit Maheshwari, Softlink Global CEO

For many freight and logistics companies, managing their fleet operations efficiently while minimizing costs is a constant challenge. Technology, of course, is the key to overcome such challenges and an increasing number of companies have begun to look at this solution seriously.


Freight and logistics companies offering warehouse and transport services need to have a single platform to be efficient and cost-effective. The single platform provides advantages not found using separate software for every operation.


A fleet management system includes vehicle tracking systems and mobile technology which enable monitoring of vehicles through the entire transport cycle. The technology allows management of every aspect of fleet operations like vehicles, driver, fuel consumption, maintenance etc. It allows for real-time fleet monitoring  with provision to review and tweak fleet operations for maximum efficiency.


Fleet management system allows you to automate route scheduling and optimize fleet movement. You can get alerts for any possible delays and plan the best route to optimize delivery times.


Companies can also get notified on various milestones and keep customers updated with their shipment status. As such, optimizing fleet operations helps maximize productivity and lower operational costs.


A fleet management system can provide valuable insights into the fuel consumption of vehicles and offer ways to maximize fuel efficiency and reduce carbon footprint.


Vehicle maintenance can be a major cause for business loss. With a fleet management system you can forget maintenance troubles; the system can monitor vehicles and alert the company on such issues as malfunctions, and act quickly to avoid vehicle downtime.


Although a variety of fleet management software is available today, it is in the best interest of freight and logistics companies to opt for a single software that covers transport, freight and warehousing operations. Since these operations are interlinked, a single software can help companies improve their entire business as well as enhance the fleet’s overall performance and above all, reduce costs.


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