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New Container Terminal 1 at Subic Port | Photo from International Container Terminal Services, Inc.

Companies with containers subject to inspection at Subic port must provide a padlock and masking tape as temporary replacement to the anti-pilferage seal, now in short supply as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The provisional measure holds until sufficient supply of the anti-pilferage seal becomes available, Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority Seaport Department general manager Jerome Martinez said in a memorandum dated July 16.

After inspection, the cargo checker will lock the container/s and attach his signature using a permanent marker on the masking tape securely locking it on the padlock.

The cargo checker will then log the container/s number/s in their corresponding logbook for inspection.

In instances where the container is opened without the presence of a cargo checker, the company will be in violation of seaport procedures and will be dealt with accordingly.

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