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Cebu port sets cut-off delivery time for export cargo undergoing weighing

cebu_containersThe Cebu Port Authority (CPA) is imposing a delivery cut-off period for outbound/export shipments that have been weighed before loaded onto a vessel at the Cebu International Port (CIP).

As part of CPA’s verified gross mass (VGM) policy, effective November 1, all outbound containers should be delivered to or be gated-in at CIP for mandatory weighing before loading onto the vessel at least three hours—but not earlier than four days—before the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of the carrying vessel, CPA general manager Edmund Tan said in an advisory to stakeholders.

All outbound reefer containers, on the other hand, should be delivered to or be gated-in at CIP not later than two hours after the actual time of arrival of the carrying vessel, but not earlier than four days before the ETA of the vessel.

“The Authority may refuse entry to all containers delivered at CIP earlier or beyond the prescribed period,” the advisory states.

Tan told PortCalls in a text message that the cut-off rule is meant to regulate the inflow of trucks to the port. He added that “if there’s no cut-off time, some containers might be left behind because of delay (in their arrival).”

The cut-off period is in relation to Section 6 of CPA Administrative Order (AO) No. 02-2016, or the revised policy implementing the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention VGM requirement at Cebu ports.

Section 6 states that “upon delivery of the shipper’s packed outbound container to the CIP for receiving/gate-in, the same shall undergo mandatory weighing in accordance with and for the purposes mentioned in CPA Administrative Order No. 01-2008 (Policy and Guidelines for Mandatory Weighing of Loaded Outbound Foreign Container Vans) dated 28 February 2008, by the truck scale facility/facilities of the CHSP (cargo-handling service provider) servicing foreign cargoes at the CIP which is/are duly authorized by the authority.”

Since the determined weight of the container will be the VGM to be used for stowage purposes, it should also be furnished to shipping lines and CHSPs.

Effective last July 1, shippers are required by the amended SOLAS Chapter IV, Part A, Regulation 2 to verify the gross mass of a packed container and indicate this weight to the carrier or port operator before the shipment is loaded onto a vessel. – Roumina Pablo


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