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Cebu Pacific subsidiary Aplus inaugurates renovated hangar

  • Aviation Partnership Philippines (Aplus) on December 14 inaugurated an improved hangar
  • The 3,112-square-meter renovated hangar was completed in November 2021
  • It can cater to A320, ATR, and A321neo aircraft
  • The renovation is in time for the expected recovery of the aviation industry after the pandemic lockdowns grounded the sector

Aviation Partnership Philippines (Aplus), a wholly owned Cebu Pacific subsidiary, inaugurated on December 14 an improved hangar, in time for the expected recovery of the aviation industry after the pandemic lockdowns grounded the sector.

The renovation of the 3,112-square-meter hangar was completed in November 2021. The Aplus hangar can cater to the A320 and ATR aircraft and is designed for the A321neo as well.

The hangar will be used to perform phased C-Checks. A C-Check is performed approximately every 20 to 24 months or after a specific number of actual flight hours; it requires inspection of a large majority of an aircraft’s components, putting the aircraft out of service for one to two weeks.

“This is a milestone not only for Cebu Pacific but more so for our subsidiary, Aplus. This inauguration is very timely and in line with the airline’s preparations for the expected recovery of the aviation industry,” Cebu Pacific chief corporate affairs officer Michael Ivan Shau said in a statement.

Aplus services include line maintenance, light aircraft checks, and technical ramp handling for Cebu Pacific and other carriers with hubs in Manila, Cebu, Davao and Clark, apart from secondary airports in the Philippines.

Cebu Pacific said the improvement will allow the airline to reduce logistics and ferry costs compared to having to send aircraft to Clark or to any regional maintenance, repair, and operations service provider for checks and other services requiring a hangar.

“The Aplus hangar will allow for a reduced turnaround time for our existing and future airline customers. Working under a roof will surely boost personnel productivity and further enhance the quality of our services,” Aplus general manager Rico Ugdoracion said.

Aside from Aplus’ continuous drive to get more foreign airline customers for its transit business, it also intends to work on getting local clients.

“Having a hangar will give our foreign airline customers confidence that in case their aircraft gets grounded in Manila, a hangar can be provided by Aplus to perform the needed maintenance activities for aircraft recovery,” added Ugdoracion.

Cebu Pacific acquired Aplus in November 2020 in a move to optimize operations in line with ensuring the airline is on a strong path to recovery. Aplus was established in 2005 as a partnership between Cebu Pacific and Singapore-based SIA Engineering.


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