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Cebu domestic cargo handlers get contracts renewed

  • Contracts renewed for four cargo-handling service providers to operate domestic zone of Cebu baseport
  • One contractor granted 15-year contract while each of other three awarded 10-year contract
  • Cebu Port Authority ordered cargo handlers to undertake digitalization for contactless transactions and to acquire ISO accreditation

Cebu Port Authority general manager Leonilo Miole (second from left) with representatives from the Cebu port domestic cargo-handling operators 

The Cebu Port Authority (CPA) renewed the contracts of four cargo-handling service providers (CHSPs) at the Cebu baseport domestic zone after they passed their performance reviews.

CPA general manager Leonilo Miole on October 22 signed the contracts of United South Dockhandlers Inc. (USDI); Cebu Arrastre and Stevedoring Services Corp. (CASSCOR); Puerto Servicio De Cebu Inc.; and Metro Cebu Arrastre and Stevedoring Services, Inc. (MCASSI).

All four cargo-handling service providers went through a performance review as stipulated in their contracts and pursuant to CPA Administrative Order (AO) 01-2000 (CPA General Port Rules and Regulations) and AO 03-98 (Policy Guidelines and General Conditions for the Management and Operation of Cargo Handling Services).

They were all found to have a satisfactory performance without any outstanding obligations to the port authority, to labor, or to port users.

USDI was granted a 15-year contract, while CASSCOR, Puerto Servicio, and MCASSI were each awarded a 10-year contract, subject to certain conditions.

Among these conditions is that the cargo-handling operators must comply with the policy on collection of arrastre, stevedoring and other related charges, as prescribed by the CPA under existing policies, rules and regulations.

They should also provide and maintain the required minimum cargo-handling and related equipment/gear, all in serviceable and ready line conditions, as well as provide and maintain adequate safety equipment and gears.

The cargo-handling service providers should also strictly comply with the manual on dockworkers safety and health standards, and submit a list of all its employees, workers or laborers.

Further, Miole said additional guidelines under the renewed contracts mandate that the cargo-handling service providers must undertake to digitalize their transactions with clients and port users to provide an online means of assessment, collection and remittance of payments. They are also required to secure ISO accreditation under the Quality Management System and Environmental Management System.

“As cargo handling service in the Port of Cebu is directly under the regulation and authority of the CPA, we want to ensure that we provide excellent services to our port stakeholders. Under their contracts, all our CHSP partners are required to adopt and implement no contact transactions for safety, easier and faster processing of port services and acquire ISO accreditation,” Miole said.

Cebu baseport in Cebu City consists of a domestic zone and an international container terminal.

CPA is currently expanding the domestic zone with the construction of a new finger pier, to be called Pier 5, which will cater exclusively to domestic cargoes.

The 155-meter-long Pier 5 will have a project cost of P510 million, to be funded internally by CPA. Bidding for the project was conducted last September 7 and awarding of the contract was scheduled at the end of September. Construction was expected to start in October and be completed by December 2021.

Miole earlier said Pier 5 can accommodate three to four vessels at one time. – Roumina Pablo


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