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CCBI seeks exemption from burdensome POM access pass policy

The Chamber of Customs Brokers, Inc. (CCBI) is requesting the Bureau of Customs (BOC) to exempt customs brokers, their representatives, and regular employees of business establishments located inside the customs building from the implementation of the color-coded access pass requirement at the Port of Manila (POM).

In a Dec 4 letter signed by president Atty. Ferdinand Nague, CCBI said it has received reports since December 3 that customs brokers and their representatives who regularly transact with BOC-POM and are holders of regular Customs ID 2017-2018 issued by BOC’s Enforcement and Security Service (ESS), as well as regular employees of business establishments inside POM with their own company IDs, “are still lining up at the street for more or less an hour just to get and return their daily or one-day color-coded pass”. The situation “tremendously hampers… regular and official transactions inside POM premises and worse, delays the Customs processing of import entries and other transactions at Customs.”

BOC on November 20 issued a memo implementing a one-day color-coded access pass at POM to “enhance port security.” It covers importers, importers’ employees, and visitors and the transacting public.

CCBI noted an exemption from the access pass policy will “further facilitate trade and contribute to the ease of doing business in line with the implementation of RA [Republic Act] 11032 (Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Delivery Service Act of 2018) and in order to compensate with your latest instruction on no overtime…”

Under the new policy, the color-coded access pass are as follows: green access pass for the Office of the Commissioner building; orange for the Management Information System and Technology Group/X-ray Inspection Project central office/ESS/Import Assessment Service; blue for POM building; and pink for the designated examination area.

Those who wish to secure an access pass may be issued a maximum of two color-coded passes only. If more than two areas are to be accessed, the person has to secure additional color-coded access pass after surrendering the previously issued passes to the ESS POM District Pass Control Office. – Roumina Pablo


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