Business Continuity in the Face of Corona Pandemic

Amit Maheshwari, Softlink Global CEO
Amit Maheshwari, Softlink Global CEO

The world is witnessing a pandemic of a scale never seen before. COVID-19 has shaken the world economy and caused much distress and disruption. Business have been forced to cut down on their work force drastically or shut down offices completely. Business has virtually come to a standstill and many companies are facing the prospect of heavy losses as their work force are unable to reach offices. Even in the face of such catastrophe, logistics and freight companies have no option but to continue working in spite all the odds.


How do logistics and freight companies survive in such difficult times and continue their work? Technology makes it possible for companies that are struggling to find ways to keep their work going. Work from home is an option that companies can offer their employees to keep up continuity of work. But then getting employees to work from home is not an easy task.


You need technology that can not only facilitate work from home but also allows for monitoring of work to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency. The possibility of compromise in the quality and security data is a genuine concern that weighs heavily on companies. There is also the challenge of monitoring, coordinating and collaboration with the employees using a software to work from home. When employees work from home controlling the quality and security of the data becomes a top priority.


Modern software with advanced features allows managers and management not only monitor, coordinate and collaborate with the employees but also implement the necessary checks and balance to ensure the quality and security of the data. A software with advanced functionality to control both the quality and security while allowing to monitor, coordinate and collaborate can undoubtedly make handling work from home a simple and easy task.


Companies need to put in place a work-from-home process. A system of maker–checker–approver can be implemented through software that has such functionality to ensure the quality of data while strict authorization and access control functionality can help in the security of the data. With the collaboration and monitoring tools available in the software, the managers and management can ensure work goes on smoothly without any interruptions.


It is a time where safety and precaution has become of paramount importance for both the business and the employees as well. Companies need to take note and implement the right software that allows them to keep up the continuity of their business while ensuring maximum productivity even in the face of such severe catastrophic events.