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BOC details steps for freight transfer to CY/CFS, bonded warehouses

ID-100248606Customs Commissioner Alberto Lina on June 2 signed Customs Memorandum Order (CMO) No. 13-2016 which seeks to implement provisions of CMO 43-2010 and institute control measures to ensure the transfers are secured. The new order takes effect on June 16.

CMO 43-2010 provides for procedures in carrying out e2m-Phase 4 transit/transhipment systems in all ports nationwide.

In the first phase of implementing the CMO provisions, initially covered is the transfer of goods from Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) to airport CBWs.

CY/CFS and CBW operators should apply for a transit permit through BOC-accredited value-added service providers (VASPs), which will generate the application and route it to the BOC-VASP Gateway. BOC will then validate and process the application.

“Pending the development of an appropriate e-payment system and to ensure that the transit permit fee (forms and documentary stamps) are paid for/secured to be paid, CY/CFS and airport CBS operators availing of cargo transfers shall put up a deposit with the Collection Division of the port with a minimum balance equivalent to its one month transfer fees, at any time,” the CMO said.

Airport CBW operators should also secure a general transportation surety bond (GTSB) from any of the BOC-accredited insurance company at the airport of discharge and register it with the BOC Bonds Division of that airport.

The deputy collector of the port will then process and approve the application for transfer. The signed and approved transit permit form must be presented to the transport facility as basis for the release and transfer of the cargo to the CY/CFS/CBW.

The transit facility will release the cargo and issue the gate pass for the goods to be brought out of the port.

With the posting of the GTSB, the memorandum also dispenses with the requirement for underguard transfers and boat note. Instead, BOC’s Pier Inspection Division and Airport Operations Division will ensure that the goods authorized for transfers reach their intended destinations.

Manual processing of the transit permit document is allowed in case of a computer system breakdown or power failure at BOC. Manual processing will be authorized by the deputy commissioner of the Management Information System and Technology Group or his authorized representative. – Roumina Pablo

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