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The entry processing units (EPUs) of all of the Bureau of Customs’ (BOC) collection districts have been designated as regional risk management units (RRMUs) that will monitor and ensure feedback on the performance of customs control treatments and interventions on cargo.

RRMUs, together with their personnel and property, are also, for the meantime, absorbed as line units under BOC’s Risk Management Office (RMO) pending the reorganization of BOC, according to Customs Memorandum Order (CMO) No. 23-2019 signed by Customs commissioner Rey Leonardo Guerrero on May 8. The order took effect upon publication.

CMO 23-2019 notes that the designation of EPU as RRMU helps improve the cargo selectivity system and is in keeping with Section 5 of Executive Order (EO) 836 (Transforming BOC’s Risk Management Group into the RMO) and with Customs Administrative Order (CAO) No. 6-2009, which implements EO 836.

According to paragraph 1, Section III of CAO 6-2009, the RMO shall be in close coordination with all the regional risk management offices in order for reports and recommendations to be acted upon immediately.

Under Section 5 of EO 836, issued in 2009, the deputy commissioner of BOC’s Intelligence Group, in his capacity as manager of the RMO, may recommend to the commissioner of Customs new policies and organizational improvements to the RMO to increase its efficiency.

RMO is the office that reviews and updates the parameters of the BOC’s selectivity system; conducts a continuing study/profile of importers, exporters and customs brokers; and maintains a database of all smuggling cases and related data, among others.

Strengthening its risk management system is part of BOC’s plan to implement an enhanced and intensified non-intrusive examination system, which is part of the customs bureau’s 10-point priority program. – Roumina Pablo

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