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The Bureau of Customs (BOC) has clarified its ruling on activating the Client Profile Registration System (CPRS) of entities accredited by other government agencies.

Customs Memorandum Order (CMO) No. 26-2019, which was signed by Customs commissioner Rey Leonardo Guerrero on May 31, amends Section 3.2 of CMO 19-2019. CMO 19-2019 decentralized CPRS activation of entities accredited by other government agencies and the renewal of accreditation of customs brokers transacting with the BOC.

CMO 26-2019 provides a more defined distinction between some stakeholders seeking activation of their CPRS; it also corrects clerical errors in CMO 19-2019.

Under CMO 26-2019, importers and exporters accredited with Free Zone authorities—Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA), Clark Development Corp (CDC), Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA), Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA), Authority of the Freeport Area of Bataan (AFAB), and Zamboanga City Special Economic Zone Authority (ZCSEZA)—were grouped as one set of stakeholders. All importers and exporters in this grouping, except those accredited by PEZA, are required to submit email notification from their concerned agency; PEZA-accredited importers and exporters, on the other hand, need to submit the BOC official receipt showing payment of application fee and the CPRS notification form from the concerned agency.

Under CMO 26-2019, “exporters registered with other investment promotion agencies”—Board of Investments (BOI), Tourism Infrastructure Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA), and Export Marketing Bureau (EMB)–were also grouped in another category and “other exporters”—accredited by Philippine Exporters Confederation (Philexport) and Customs Bonded Warehouse Operators (CBWO)–in yet another.

BOI-accredited exporters are required to submit an email notification and a certificate of good standing from the concerned agency to activate their CPRS. Those accredited with TIEZA, EMB and Philexport are required to submit an email notification from the concerned agency while those accredited with CBWO require the submission of a license to operate issued by the BOC and an indorsement from the deputy commissioner of Assessment Operations and Coordinating Group.

Forwarders/consolidators (non-vessel operating common carriers)—with accrediting agencies Department of Trade and Industry-Fair Trade Bureau (for seafreight forwarders) and Civil Aeronautics Board (for airfreight forwarders)–are an entirely new category under CMO 26-2019. Those in this category must also submit an email notification from the concerned agency to activate their CPRS.

In contrast, CMO 19-2019 simply classified importers accredited by PEZA as “other importers”. Exporters registered with investment promotion agencies (with accrediting agencies BOI, PEZA, CDC, CEZA, SBMA, AFAB, ZCSEZA, TIEZA and EMB) were lumped in one category and “other exporters” (with accrediting agencies Philexport and CBWO) in another.

Requirements for other stakeholders under CMO 26-2019 are the same as prescribed in CMO 19-2019. For airlines, a Civil Aeronautics Board email notification is required to activate the CPRS and for shipping lines, a letter of indorsement from the shipping agent, a Maritime Industry Authority accreditation, and valid permit to operate.

Activation of the CPRS of entities accredited by other government agencies shall be done by the district collector only after receiving the endorsement with attached requirements sent by the concerned government agency. The endorsement may be sent either through the government’s agency official email or official messenger or through a secured courier.

Commissioner Guerrero last February said BOC will continue to streamline accreditation procedures of its Account Management Office, the office which handles accreditation of importers and registration of customs brokers, partly by reverting the applications for renewal of accreditation of customs brokers, as well as CPRS activation, to the district collection offices.

He noted that the goal of the decentralization is to “process the renewal and activation of accreditation in one day.”

Last month, Guerrero ordered renewal of the accreditation of customs brokers and the activation of the CPRS for entities accredited by other government agencies be processed within 24 hours from receipt of complete documents. – Roumina Pablo

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