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BOC adopts new risk management system

Photo courtesy of BOC

The Bureau of Customs (BOC) has implemented the Universal Risk Management System (URMS) to improve its risk management capabilities.

The agency’s risk management system is handled by the Risk Management Office (RMO), which reviews and updates parameters of BOC’s selectivity system, and conducts a continuing study/profile of importers, exporters and customs brokers, among others.

BOC said it will be migrating information to URMS, which has a more user-friendly interface, allows for a larger amount for storage of information, and promotes a paperless system.

Initial implementation of URMS on all ports is currently being conducted. This will provide RMO with a quicker means of tagging shipments based on existing risk management parameters. Complex Data Integration and the implementation of a Business Intelligence Tool (Artificial Intelligence) are also being tested for the system.

Complete delivery of the URMS, including all its features, is expected by September 2020.

The implementation of the URMS is part of BOC’s 10-Point Priority Program to modernize systems and improve border security and revenue collection.

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Customs commissioner Rey Leonardo Guerrero early this year described BOC’s risk management system as “the engine that drives many of the processes and transactions involving the bureau.”

Guerrero said the accuracy of their risk management “has greatly improved” and will be further developed through acquisition of technology and better monitoring by and coordination between offices responsible for risk management.

In 2019, with the help of its risk management system, BOC issued a total of 926 alert orders, of which 675 were positive and 202 negative, rendering an effectivity rate of 76.96% and resulting in the collection of P40.943 billion in additional revenue.


  1. Good morning po,

    Ask ko Lang po anung dahilan Kapag red lane at bakit lagi nalang po. Bilang exporter company helping our country to earn dollar bakit Mayroon ganito. ? Bakit pahirapan yong exporter

    • The Bureau of Customs has its own risk management system. They have a criteria which shipments will be flagged green, yellow, orange or red. Some of the things they look at: completeness of documents, type of shipment, destination of shipment, and track record of shipper. Based on that the BOC system decides which lane a shipment will fall under. Suggestion: make sure all your documents are complete; usually this is where many shippers fall behind.

      Kindly note PortCalls is a news provider for the cargo transport industry. We are not affiliated with the Bureau of Customs. Our views are our own.


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