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Rosana San Vicente, chief of the Bureau of Internal Revenue Accounts Receivable Monitoring Division, at the recently concluded Cargo Transport Summit 2

Rosana San Vicente, chief of the Bureau of Internal Revenue Accounts Receivable Monitoring Division, at the recently concluded Cargo Transport Summit 2

The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Accounts Receivable Monitoring Division (BIR-ARMD) is implementing a schedule for follow-ups for importers and customs brokers seeking accreditation at the agency.

“It has been observed that answering and attending to numerous follow-ups/inquiries are hampering the actions of the limited personnel assigned in the evaluation and processing for BIR-ICCs (Importer Clearance Certificate)/BCCs (Brokers Clearance Certificate),” ARMD chief Rosana San Vicente said in a July 17 advisory.

San Vicente noted the delay in ICC and BCC release is due to the limited BIR personnel assigned to process accreditation.

According to the new accreditation process implemented through Department of Finance Order 12-2014, importers and brokers would have to secure ICCs and BCCs with BIR and then proceed with the second phase of accreditation with the Bureau of Customs.

In order to facilitate processing of applications, BIR ARMD will implement the following schedule of follow ups:

Date applied    Date of follow up

March 1 to April 30     July 28 to August 1

May 1 to June 30         August 4-8

June 1-6           August 11-15

June 9-13         August 18-22

June 16-20       August 26-29

June 23-27       September 1-5

July 1-4                       September 8-12

July 7-11         September 15-19

July 14-18       September 22-26

July 21-25       September 29 to October 3

July 28-31       October 5-10

ARMD will not entertain follow-ups from July 21-25 to give way to the clean-up of database and updating of status of applications.

At the recently concluded Cargo Transport Summit 2 organized by the Philippine International Seafreight Forwarders Association and PortCalls, San Vicente said follow ups will be handled by another BIR Division to lighten the chores of ARMD.

She said importers and brokers will be notified of approvals or denial of application through electronic mail or the contact number provided by applicants.

As of July 15, San Vicente said ARMD has received 11,000 applications and more than 600 were acted upon.

BOC is reminding brokers and importers to comply with the July 31 deadline because there will be no more extension. – Roumina Pablo

15 Responses to “BIR releases follow-up schedule for importer, broker applicants”

  1. hi, how can we comply for the BOC since the lacking requirement is the BIR certification. WE have been waiting and the deadline is July 31st. What can we do about it? BOC will not accept incomplete requirements. Its making a headache for us as a new importer.

    • According to BOC and BIR officials who attended the recently concluded Cargo Transport Summit 2 organized by PortCalls, if you already applied for your ICC at the BIR and are just awaiting your application, you may already file your application with the BOC. The BOC will accept BIR proof of application (such as stub or official receipt).

      Another option: Go to the office of BOC Deputy Commissioner Atty Ags Uvero. He has said in several fora that he is willing to help those with accreditation problems.

      • Hi Liza,

        We are applying with BOC but they are rejecting our application because they need the ICC. We already inform them that we already applied with BIR last June 19 & show them the proof from BIR together with the BIR advisory. We even show them that the BIR ICC will be released on October 15 (written in the BIR Stub) but the person in charge refuse to accept our application without ICC.

        Can you help us on this matter, we have several incoming shipment & we cannot wait for October 15.


        • Your application with the BOC was denied because you should have applied with the agency on or before the July 31 deadline. Under the rules, your company could have actually applied with BOC even if you just presented your proof of application with the BIR (not the actual BIR accreditation). BOC would have accepted the BIR application as proof that you went through the motion. But from your account, it looks like you did not apply with the BOC within the deadline (on or before July 31) because you thought you had to wait for the actual BIR accreditation (which you said will be released on Oct 15).

          Is your company’s I-CARE accreditation still in effect or has it lapsed? If it has lapsed, then it is likely you will encounter problems with your shipment since you do not precisely have a BOC accreditation.

  2. Good afternoon. We filed our application for BIR-ICC last July 15, 2014. We were told to follow-up our application on September 22-26. However, I was trying to call the numbers given to me by the BIR staff since Spetember 22 in the morning, unfortunately, all the lines were busy up to now. Are there other ways to know if our BIR-ICC certificate is already ready? Our company is based in Clark, Pampanga and we don’t want to take the risk to go to Manila just to confirm because nothing might happen.

  3. Good day po. i was trying to fallow up my accreditation for importation. how i can check if it is approved or dis approved?

  4. Dear,

    Our company is not an importer nor broker however we have a few personal protective equipments that needs to be imported from our Singapore branch ocasionally and the package amount exceeded the USD500.00 limit hence we are now required to get accreditation from BOC.
    My worry is that the process might take long and our employees need this equipments during their field works in the shipyard. May I know approximately how long will it take if we are going to get BIR-ICC + accreditation from BOC?

    • Sorry but there is no telling how long or short a time you need to secure your BIR or BOC certificate. Make sure you submit complete documents so that you don’t encounter unnecessary delays.

  5. Hi Liza!

    Our accreditation with BOC will expire on April 2015. My problem is
    I was not able to file our requirements on time with BIR. I filed my application last August 14, 2014. Is there any possibility that I can get my accreditation last week of October2014 or 1st week of November2014 since the last day of follow-up for those who filed July 31, 2014 is October 10, 2014?

  6. How we can change our certificate from provision to a regular 3 yrs certification. I verified and cleared with our RDO, they emailed that we are cleared same with legal department. Do we need to wait till a month before the expiration of our provisional certification?



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