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Lack of Local Publications

The ‘hunger’ in the 1980s for a professional association involved in logistics led to the formation of DMAP. It was accompanied by a hunger for two other things, (1) local publications in logistics and (2) courses in logistics.


As soon as we had organized DMAP in 1990, we started seminars in logistics, warehousing, shipping, third party logistics, logistics performance, etc. DMAP also developed a 9-week course in logistics, in cooperation with DLSU, led by then DMAP president Ike Castillo.


At the academic front, Prof. Ernie Apodaca was teaching distribution within a marketing subject at DLSU college level. At one time he tapped DMAP for guest speakers in his class. Malou Santos and I developed and gave quick lectures.


For books and publications, some books were available in the US, mainly from CLM (Council of Logistics Management, the forerunner of CSCMP) CSCMP is the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals. Of course these books were not in the Philippine setting. There was a sore lack, as logistics solutions are specific to the location. Philippine logistics problems are very different from the US.


At DMAP we started a newsletter in 1990 but could not sustain it. At San Miguel Corp. Business Logistics Division, where I was working then, we pioneered a corporate logistics newsletter. We also developed seminars. Obviously they were just for the San Miguel group of companies.


At DLSU Prof. Apodaca provided students with materials by collecting articles on logistics and distribution. At PortCalls we started this column DMAP Perspective. This has been running for over 13 years. At BusinessWorld, Jovy Jader of Procter & Gamble has been writing a column “Eliminate, Simplify, Integrate”.


There were no books on logistics in the Philippine setting, Likewise on SCM.


In 2011 SCMAP was finally able to publish the first issue of Supply Chain Philippine magazine, a full-blown color magazine with articles and features on Philippine SCM.


In 2012 Jovy Jader and Ellery Lim of Procter & Gamble converted their series of articles in BusinessWorld into a book and called it “Speed Kills, Driving Growth through Supply Chain Excellence”.



At Last A Book!

And finally, now in 2014, two-time SCMAP President Ike Castillo assembled his thoughts, knowledge and many years of experience in logistics and SCM into a book. It is entitled “SCM 101, A Hundred-and-One Thoughts About Supply Chain Management”. It is published by Central Books.


It is now available at SM Mega Mall 5th Level and Manila Ever Gotesco Plaza Mall on Recto Ave. It is also available in Cebu, Davao, Cagayan de Oro. SRP is P1,195.


I have not had time to read it, so I am not able to write about the contents at this time. Binding is world-class. It contains 101 topics which are easy reading. It is also up to date, as it talks about Yolanda.


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