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ABOITIZ PROJECT TRANSPORT SYSTEM CORP (APTSC) is strengthening its grip in the logistics business by targe-ting heavy cargoes. Jaypee Lim, APTSC sales and marketing manager, said the company specializes in moving items considered too heavy and bulky by some logistics companies. Specifically, it can move and deliver equipment weighing more than 500 tons. "We are capable of moving ship engines, steam turbines, generators, dynamos, gantries and cranes," he added. Since the company’s establishment, APTSC has assisted in the construction of at least 15 power plants in the Philippines. "By that we mean we transported the heavy generators and dynamos on the site where the power plant is to be constructed," Lim said.

The company also improvises solutions whenever roads and bridges are incapable of handling the load. Lim highlighted this capability when the company delivered two shunt reactors, with a capacity of 50 MVA and 30 MVA, each weighing 38 tons, to the then being constructed Talisay and Tabangao substations in Leyte. "The problem was the bridge which we needed to pass through has a load limit of three tons and since the gross weight of the item we were transporting was in excess of 60 tons our structural experts decided to reinforce the bridge with elephant legs and steel beams to enable it to handle the weight," he added.

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