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AMERICAN President Lines (APL) was the market leader in the Philippine-US agricultural products container trade, lording over the sector in 1997 and again in 2007, according to documents obtained by PortCalls from the US Department of Agriculture (DA).

The US DA document showed APL grew its market share in agricultural products shipped to the US by eight-percentage points from 14% in 1997 to 22% in 2007. From handling 3,900 TEUs mostly from Philippine fruit producers in 1997, the carrier shipped 169% more to 10,500 TEUs ten years later (see table).

In second place for 2007 was Hong Kong-based Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL) with a 19% market share for the Philippine-US agricultural trade. It handled 2,800 TEUs in 1997 to 9,100 TEUs in 2007, or an increase of 225%. In 1997, OOCL cornered 10% of the market.

From second place in 1997, Korea’s Hanjin Shipping slipped to fourth place in 2007 despite a 93% jump in cargo volume from 3,100 TEUs in 1997 to 6,000 TEUs last year for a 13% market share. In 1997, Hanjin accounted for 11% of the market.

In third place was Maersk Lines with a 14% market share in 2007 from 8% in 1997. The world’s biggest international container carrier climbed four spots last year from seventh place in 1997. Shipments soared 219% to 6,700 TEUs in 2007 from 2,100 TEUs in 1997.

Yangming Marine Transport Corp occupied the fifth position with an 8% market share handling 6,000 TEUs in 2007. It was not part of the list of top 10 shipping lines for the Philippine-US route in 1997.

From fifth place in 1997, Hyundai Merchant Marine came in sixth last year cornering 7% of the pie. In 1997, it only had a 2% market share. Cargo volume last year was 3,800 TEUs from 2,400 TEUs in 1997.

Evergreen Line dropped a notch from sixth place in 1997 to seventh in 2007. Its market share also dipped two-percentage points from 8% in 1997 to 6% last year. Shipments grew 54% to 3,400 TEUs last year from 2,200 TEUs in 1997.

Completing the list of top 10 shipping lines for the Philippine-US agricultural trade in 2007 were NYK Line, which handled 2,600 TEUs; Hatsu Marine, 1,100 TEUs; and Mitsui OSK Lines, 800 TEUs. Each of the carriers cornered about 2% of the market.

The remaining 5% of the pie was divided among remaining players servicing the route.

Falling off the list of top 10 container shipping lines in the Philippine-US agricultural trade for 2007 were China Overseas Shipping Co, which used to occupy the 10th spot in 1997 and Madrigal Shipping Lines, previously in eighth place.

Sea-Land also dropped off the list because it has been bought by Maersk in the intervening years.

Most popular gateways

In terms of gateways, the Ports of Manila received the bulk or 80% of the traffic last year, followed by Cebu with 9%;Davao, 4%; Cagayan de Oro, 3%; and Mandaue, 2%. Other ports in the country received the remaining 2%.

The top agricultural products shipped between the Philippines and the US in 1997 and also in 2007 included wheat, soybeans, rice, soybean meal, feed, dairy, meat and poultry, fruit and vegetable, processed food and vegetable, fruit and vegetable juice, fish and forestry goods. Last year, the trade amounted to $1.15 billion, according to the US DA data.

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