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A Clear Perspective on Transport Management

Amit Maheshwari, Softlink Global CEO

In the last several years, infrastructure and technology have played an important part in the advancement of road transportation. Technology has had a critical role in gaining greater visibility and control for the fast-growing logistics industry. Most fleets are now using vehicle tracking, routing, scheduling, workforce management and electronic proof of delivery to optimize their operations.


As a logistics service provider, your transportation management system (TMS) should be designed to make daily communication and collaboration with your freight, warehouse and transport operations as clear and seamless as possible. This will help reduce freight costs, optimize service levels and automate processes so that the logistics operations can become more efficient paving the way for delivering timely and quality service to customers.


While an independent transport management system can deliver on many counts, the logistics service provider has to think from his overall business point of view which includes freight, warehouse and other allied services. A single platform can set the stage for greater efficiency, collaboration and transparency across business operations.


With a single software you can achieve much more in terms of productivity than an independent TMS software. The entire organization can work on the same single platform which means there is a single data repository and information flows seamlessly across operations. This is a significant and not just a singular advantage. The single software offers all the advantage of best-in-class software under one platform.


Other than the advantages a technologically superior solution can offer, single software facilitates ease of use as logistics service providers do not have to deal with multiple software and solution providers. Using multiple software would entail integration and a frequent tuning of the software to maintain proper connectivity and flow of data.


TMS has evolved much over the years emerging as an enabler of seamless global trade and logistics management. By using a single software, logistics service providers can avoid cross-functional silos and enjoy a truly enterprise-wide software that is finding growing global appeal. A single software serves well not only organizations that have complex logistics operations and extensive transportation needs but also those with basic transportation requirements.


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