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By: Ike Castillo – President SCMAP-2012; President & COO – Fast Logistics

As the year winds up, we again have a guest columnist. He is again SCMAP President Ike Castillo, reporting on 2012 achievements. The report is a collection of solid accomplishments, a tribute to his leadership. Ike has opted not to run for the leadership in 2013, which will give somebody else a chance. — Ed Sanchez, Executive Director


We aptly started the SCMAP year with the “ Supply Chain in a Day” Conference. Let me now end this great year with “SCMAP 2012 in Bullet Points”:

The thing that matters in the world of a professional, non-profit organization is Service.
Serving the organization truly is about honoring the commitment —
• We said we wanted to re-connect with members, and therefore:
o The successful staging of “Supply Chain in a Day” Conference
• We said we wanted to know again our members, and therefore:
o The Membership Update Project, which ensured that we were communicating with the members, successfully, i.e. our emails reaching the right people.
• We said, we wanted to clean up our books, and therefore:
o The creation of Project Rescue and the resulting substantial AR write-off and the improved collection from current members.
• We said we wanted to update our by-laws to reflect the current realities and environment, and therefore:
o The Charter Change initiative and the 100% approval of proposed amendments – new limit for 3PL and President’s term, number of 3PL in Board, Academe Membership, among others.
• We said we wanted our immersion course to be truly immersing but fun, and
o The successful Logistics Immersion Course where we had the RORO and new STAR Toll experience; enjoyed Boracay, and mastered the BEER GAME.
• We said, we wanted GMM’s to be different, and therefore:
o The inclusion of talks and presentations that made GMM’s another venue for learning.
• We said we wanted this year’s conference to be truly different and therefore:
o We had the Perfect Storm (36 sponsors, 14 speakers, 24 CEO/CSO 36 Sponsors, 256 participants, 2 Academe launches, 5 cooperating agencies, 3 major supply chain excellence awards, 1 Perfect Storm).
• We said we wanted to have a second more engaging CEO Forum and therefore:
o The CSCO/CEO Forum participated in by 24 experts and guests from different sectors
• We said we wanted to have a recognition program for members and therefore:
o The Salute to Supply Chain Excellence Awards Year 2
• We said, we wanted to collaborate with other professional organizations and therefore:
o The presentations of the SCMAP President at the PISM, PROMAP Conference, PortCalls Cargo Economics Conference, PASIA, and at the Indonesia Supply Chain & Logistics Conference.
• We said, we wanted SCMAP to reach out externally, and therefore:
o The SCMAP Board participation in Subic Bay Conference
o The SCMAP Board participation in Asian (HK) Maritime and Logistics Conference
o Exposure of SCMAP to Indonesia Logistics Association
o SCMAP as signatory to the Asean Connectivity via RORO
• We said we wanted to continue publishing to reach out to members and many others in the community and therefore
o The publication of Supply Chain Philippines Magazine (3 issues in 2012)
• We said we wanted to educate the upcoming college students about Logistics and therefore:
o The MOA with TIP
• We said we wanted to offer a Course that would attract decision makers in the business, involving Logistics, and therefore:
o The launch of a Logistics Executive Course in cooperation with the Ateneo Center for Continuing Education.
• We said we wanted to re-launch our 8-year old Post Grad Certificate Course on SCM at the DLSU, and therefore:
o The re-launch of the program at DLSU at the Annual Conference.
• We said we wanted to make a difference in the career of our members, and
o The endorsement of two candidates to the Japan Green Logistics Training (Yokohama)
• We said we wanted to have leaner but more active membership, and therefore:
o The de-listing of non-active members.
• We said we wanted to have an office where the Board can meet, and therefore:
o The use of SCMAP Office for all but one meeting. (parking was bad, no waiters but we avoided paying for hotel food at hotel prices)
• We said we wanted our perspectives at various government initiatives relating to Logistics, and therefore:
o SCMAP’s continued participation in National Competitiveness Council
• We said we wanted to be known and heard, and therefore:
o  Your President was interviewed by both TIME (USA) and Der Spegiel (Germany). (Publication not guaranteed though.)
• We said, we wanted our voice to be heard and therefore:
o We made our presence felt in a number of consultative meetings – MMDA, CPA, DTI, etc. (Sometimes we don’t “win” but that is fine….)
• We said we wanted to collaborate and therefore:
o We have taken initial steps to talk to PROMAP.
o We continued to work with the freight forwarders association
o We continued to keep open the possibility of a joint activity with PISM (The Badminton Tourney which we won was a good start…)
• We said, we wanted to be part of the ASEAN Connectivity Vision and therefore:
o Our participation in the launching of the Philippines-Indonesia RORO route
• We said SCMAP has advocacy – but we also don’t want our officers to be sent to
jail, and therefore:
o SCMAP won the suit filed by some shipping lines against SCMAP (Pres. Cora Curay and Pres. Lorie Cinco). We have saved some money though for their bail, just in case.
• Finally, we said, it is about honoring the commitment, and therefore:
o We are closing officially the GMM of SCMAP 2012 today
o After what we thought were pretty satisfying months
o With a prayer that you will continue to support the next president
o And the next Board.

In Summary….
• I believe, we did what we said we committed to do this year.
• It may not have been as quick as we wanted it to be.
• It may not have been as engaging (to as many members as possible)
as I personally really wanted it to be.
• But I truly believe that we have served the organization well, prepared
it for 2013 and beyond, quite well and good.

Address inquiries and comments to Ed Sanchez at tel. +632 671-8670, fax 671-4793, cell
0918-914-1689, or email scmap.org@gmail.com. Those interested in SCMAP training
and other activities are requested to send their e-mail addresses.

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