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SCMAP presses on with its drive towards professionalization.

In 2010 the Japanese institutions JETRO and AOTS (Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship) sent to the Philippines a consultant in Logistics Management, Prof. Sakai, who served as consultant to selected Philippine companies. JG Summit and Republic Chemical Industries were among these companies. In 2010 and 2011, AOTS conducted two batches of training in Japan in Logistics Management. SCMAP took advantage and sent some 20 participants to this training. Recall that our participants in 2011 were caught by the earthquake on their last day in Yokohama last March.

SCMAP is again taking advantage of the generosity of AOTS. AOTS is conducting a new training program in Jan 2012, this time in Green Logistics Management. The program is for ASEAN member countries, and the target is for 23 participants. The program is for ten days, from January 10-20, 2012.

Below are topics included in the program:

• Scope of Green Logistics Management

• Logistics and Global Environment Issues

• Japan’s Legal System and Policies on Environmental Issues

• Measures to Reduce the Environmental Impact in Logistics;(1) Distribution & Transportation

• Measures to Reduce the Environmental Impact in Logistics (2); Packing, Reusing, Recycling

• Site Visit: Logistics Management Strategies at a Japanese Company (1)

• Site Visit: Measures to Reduce the Environmental Impact in Logistics (3) Recycling Facilities

• Site Visit: Logistics Management Strategies at a Japanese Company (2)

• Site Visit: Measures to Reduce the Environmental Impact in Logistics (4) CO-OP NET Group

• Final Presentation; Overall Summary and Evaluation

SCMAP sent applications for 3 participants. All were approved by AOTS:

• Gabby Patag, TNT

• Christopher Borci, Zuellig Pharma

• Evangeline Diche

Unfortunately, Gabby Patag had to suddenly undergo an angioplasty procedure, just over a week ago. This means he will not be able to join the Green Logistics training.

Also very unfortunately for SCMAP, Gabby Patag is the newly elected Vice President of SCMAP. This implies Gabby will have to take it easy at the start.

As another push towards professionalization, SCMAP is also sending participants in another AOTS training – Establishing the Logistics Qualification System. SCMAP will be sending the following:

• Dennis Llovido, Nestle

• Ike Castillo, FastGroup

• Arnel Gamboa, Benby Enterprises

• Carlo Curay, XVC Logistics

Ike Castillo is, of course, the newly elected SCMAP President. Dennis was the SCMAP President in 2010 and 2011. Dennis is primarily responsible for concretizing the collaboration with AOTS which is bringing SCMAP closer to professionalization. Arnel is a SCMAP Director and PRO for 2011 and 2012., and the hardworking editor behind the new SCMAP magazine Supply Chain Philippines.

Address inquiries and comments to Ed Sanchez at tel. 671-8670, fax 671-4793, cell 0918-914-1689, or email scmap.org@gmail.com. Those interested in SCMAP training and other activities are requested to send their e-mail addresses. Visit SCMAP’s website at:www.scmap.org

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